Monday, December 31, 2007

3 days...

only three days to go....

hard to believe it's almost here - but the iowa caucuses are this thursday. i think i'll take the next three days to update the latest polls and see how things are shaping up.

but first...let's discuss the process. i understand the weather is supposed to be nice thursday night. not too cold (the 30's) and sunny. a big turn out will help obama and clinton. a small turnout will help edwards...who lays claim to the caucus faithful.

obama could be hurt because his largest supporter pot comes in the form of younger voters... they're home for the holidays.

the republicans vote much like a staw poll. anonymous ballots that are counted to find a winner. pretty straight forward.

the dems....they've got it tough. everyone is in a room and you go to separate sides or corners to show your support of each candidate. nothing anonymous about this. you have to get up in front of everyone and stand by your nominee. that could be daunting.

there's a great story about the daughter of a very powerful man in one town that went to stand with the howard dean group in 2004 and the father said, "you take one more step, young lady, and you're grounded for a month." she turned around and stood with him and the other john kerry folk.

nominees must also garner at least 15% of the crowd for their candidate. if someone does not get 15% - those people negotiate with the other groups and can move towards their second choice.

edwards scores the most points as people's second choice.

the polls currently has hillary ahead in iowa by an average of 2 points. she's ahead 4 in the reuters/zogby poll and 7 in the latest american research poll.

edwards leads by 1 in mason-dixon and obama leads by 1 in strategic vision. the latest msnbc poll has edwards first with clinton in second and obama in third.

i heard some mumbling yesterday that obama is still expected to win iowa. i'm prepared to call edwards the winner today... but that could change before thursday.

if nothing else...the obama momentum has appeared to slow.

on the republican currently has flip-flop mitt in the lead by a mere 0.4 points over hillbilly huckabee. reuters/zogby has huck up by 2 but american research has romney up by 9.

i'm still predicting huckabee to take iowa.... although - mitt may have the troops on the ground to sway turnout.

we'll see...

looks to be an exciting week. love these close races. i just hope hillary can come out on top.

see ya tomorrow.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

.500 finally happened. the texans finished a season without a losing record.

with a final score of 28-42 over the jacksonville jaguars, the houston texans finished a season with an 8-8 record.

no, they didn't make the playoffs...

true, only one player made the pro bowl.

but it's not a losing record. mario williams has silenced the critics with the second most sacks in the nfl this year.

and next year....if we're healthy....i think the playoffs are a definite possibility.

but enjoy the .500 season, boys. ya done good.

go texans!

oh...and the new england patriots won a hard-fought victory over the new york giants last night to finish a perfect season. 16-0.

whatever...i hate the patriots. brady is a republican and a pig. and they still cheat.

go packers!


Friday, December 28, 2007

The Kyra Phillips Award

following in the footsteps of cnn's kyra phillips and her "proverbial bridge" - i bring you another installment of idiotic anchor statements.

msnbc's mika brzezinski this morning reported on hillbilly huckabee's rise in the recent la times/bloomberg poll. referring to his poll ascent as a "comeback."

ummm....mika. do you understand that you have to be ahead in the polls....then fall in the polls... then regain ground in the polls.... in order for it to be a comeback?

you can't just move ahead and term it a comeback. that's a "rise" in the polls, sweetie.

a rise.


A Predictable End

today begins the three days of mourning following the assassination of former pakistani prime minister, benazir bhutto.

it may seem like this took place a world away...but it will affect everyone.

keep an eye on the news... riots have begun. marshall law will probably be issued again. al qaeda will feel strengthened.... the bush administration will become more paranoid.

on simplistic terms.... gas will rise.

bhutto's past was allegedly checkered, yes. but she was the best bet for a moderate pakistan.

the loss of her life will be felt by everyone.

keep an eye on pakistan.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Notes From All Over: Political Edition II

only 8 days, my lovelies....

after taking a couple days off from campaigning in recognition of the birth of someone or other.... the candidates are back on the trail.

most candidates are in iowa... would make sense.

but ole "make no sense" giuliani is in florida.... still working towards his tsunami tuesday strategy. and john "hope is on the way" edwards is in new hampshire.


it's all very odd.... polls seems to be out every day. so let's break down some interesting party polls.

the republicans
first off...let's take a moment to appreciate the rapid decline of rudy's campaign. at once holding a strong 18 point lead in national polls, mr. "i've spent more time at ground zero" giuliani is now barely holding on to a 3-point lead (he's tied with romney in the most recent nbc poll).

in iowa....the momentum train that is huckabee continues to glide - ahead as much as 6 or 8 points in certain polls. but the magnificent lead he held towards the beginning of december has trailed off and romney has regained some ground.

meanwhile....if thompson ever had any momentum.... i simply can't find it.

in new hampshire.... mccain is making a helluva comeback and only trails romney by 3 points in the lated globe poll.

it's really crazy.... i'm not sure mccain can pull off such a stunning comeback and win the nomination...but if he does - he's the one republican i'm truly fearful that a dem could possibly not beat. i'm still thinking the nod will go to romney or huckabee.... but it's still an open race.

of course...ole flip-flop mitt continues to attack huckabee and everyone seems to be largely ignoring everyone else.

and while we're discussing romney, let's take a look back for our...

meet the press quote of the week (december 16, 2007)
i thought romney handled himself rather well.... of course, it all depends on what your definition of "saw" is.... but he maintained his composure and fared rather well against mr. russert. far batter than rudy, at any rate.

but when asked about the issue that has plagued him most in recent weeks...illegal immigration....he missed an opportunity to really clear up the misunderstanding. russert mentioned a very damning article about flip-flop's gardening company and their use of illegal immigrants. mr. romney was adament! "i have to clear up the most egregious error in that article," he began. this was it! tell us the truth!

continued mitt:
it says my house is pink. i would not have a pink house, i assure you.

yes....with your constant change on abortion rights, gun rights, gay rights.... with the questions surrounding your misstatements and mormonism and use of illegal immigrants.... the possible insuation that you're a fag by having a pink house... THAT'S egregous.

you jackass.

meet the press quote of the week (december 23, 2007)
i have to stick with romney for a moment.... ron paul was tim's guest this past weekend and he came across as a total buffoon. unaware of statistics, caught talking down about big government, but introducing goverment earmarks...but then voting against the very earmarks he introduced because he knew they were safe for his constituency with enough votes to pass so he could stand by his libertarian credentials and say "i voted against big government!"

ron paul is a joke and if you're considering a vote for're a moron. grow up.

but the quote of the week goes to john harwood and this little nugget about flip-flop mitt (on the topic of him "seeing" his father march with MLK):
if you look at the way mitt romney's run his campaign, there's plenty to criticize. those of us old enough to remember "leave it to beaver" sometimes see eddie haskell in mitt romney going to every constituency group and saying, "you look so lovely, mrs. cleaver."


the democrats - or - hillary's on the rise
when looking at the average of all the recent polls in shows hillary clinton has regained the lead with an average of 1.9 points ahead of obama. not much, i know... but the latest american research group poll actually has hill ahead by 14 points.

clinton has also seen a slight bump in new hampshire where she maintains a slight lead over obama.

it still comes down to this: if hillary wins iowa - she wins it all. if she comes in second to edwards - she probably goes on to win it all.

if obama wins iowa.... well, then we might have some problems.

but edwards has the most experienced caucus goers behind him in iowa so that bolds well for his chances. if my girl can't take iowa....i'd much rather her lose to johnny boy.

but all the national polls still show that obama and clinton can beat every republican nominee (with the possible exception of mccain - which is why he scares me).

let's talk endorsements
i'll try to keep this short....i know i'm running long. mccain has been garnering most of the respectable and important newspaper endorsements on the GOP side: des moines register and boston globe among them.

hillary gained the des moines register endorsement (they endorsed edwards in '04 - ouch!) while obama won the globe endorsement.

meanwhile, mitt romney received a rare anti-endorsement from the concord monitor which called romney “a disquieting figure who sure looks like the next president and most surely must be stopped.”

gotta love that..... poor mitt. thank god he's pretty.

interesting side note:
richard baehr has an article that talks about hillary's possible running mate should she win the nomination. there's been a lot of talk about someone with a military background - general wesley clark or senator jim webb. but baehr mentioned both their recent stints with foot in mouth disease.... so he's thrown out the name of former nebraska governor and senator bob kerrey - most recently of the new school and the 9/11 commission.

interesting... he did just come out and endorse hill in iowa the other week.

thank buddha all the christmas nosense is over and we can get back to politics, huh?

go hillary! play it smart the next 8 days.....


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

"i swear... i was this close."

well, maybe not... which is why republican presidential candidate tom "not a chance in hell" tancredo has dropped out of the race. tancredo, from the rocky mountain high state of colorado, announced his decision to withdraw from the race today while in iowa.

tancredo has put his support behind GOP candidate mitt "flip flop" romney.

no reports yet whether or not this news brought a tear to the eyes of the softer side of romney, most recently on display in iowa and meet the press.



the 14th annual screen actors guild nods came out today... nice to see some new names floating around.

i'm all about the awards season, my lovelies... you'll learn this about me.

i've been lagging on some movie-watching... but i'm catching up. i think we'll dedicate this entry to the noms and then i'll backtrack later to give some thoughts on films.

right off the love for atonement. not a single nod... which is sad for saoirse ronan who clearly deserves a nomination. also no nominations from recent favorites charlie wilson's war, the savages and before the devil knows you're dead.

the nominations
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role
George Clooney (Michael Clayton)
Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood)
Ryan Gosling (Lars and the Real Girl)
Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild)
Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises)

clooney and day-lewis have become fixtures on this list. interesting to see hirsch and no tom hanks. the guild, however, tends to make some better - lesser known - choices than the oscars. into the wild is also directed by sean penn.... very popular with the guild. mortensen and gosling have also been popping up...but is eastern promises to long ago to remember and has anyone seen lars and the real girl? oddly enough, clooney currently seems the one to beat.

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role
Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth: The Golden Age)
Julie Christie (Away From Her)
Marion Cotillard (La Vie En Rose)
Angelina Jolie (A Mighty Heart)
Ellen Page (Juno)

thrilled to see most lists remembering back to away from her and nominating christie. likewise, cotillard. both give amazing performances. nice momentum for page and i see her making it all the way the oscars. blanchett and jolie's names continue to appear... but will they make it to the big show? is it possible for blanchett to score a nod for a film considered so poor? of course, voters seem to believe she can do no wrong... she's the new meryl streep... nominated for everything she does.

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role
Casey Affleck (The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford)
Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men)
Hal Holbrook (Into The Wild)
Tommy Lee Jones (No Country For Old Men)
Tom Wilkinson (Michael Clayton)

this appears to be bardem's year....and it's way past due. holbrook continues to make the cut (given what is said to be the performance of his career) - but is he simply caught up in the wild momentum with the SAGs? i'd love to see jones make the oscars and affleck seems to be a shoe-in for a nod as robert ford.... his incredible performance in gone baby gone can only help. but i really see bardem winning everything this year... and from what i've seen - well deserved.

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role
Cate Blanchett (I'm Not There)
Ruby Dee (American Gangster)
Catherine Keener (Into The Wild)
Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone)
Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton) favorite category. blanchett scores another nod... and she is the one lock for the academy awards, as well. amy ryan has also appeared on nearly every critic's list. swinton and keener are rather new to lists... and dee gets her first mention that i've seen. this is a nice list... i'm sad to say i've only seen one nomination.

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture
3:10 to Yuma
American Gangster
Into the Wild
No Country for Old Men

hairspray clearly garnering the birdcage nomination of the year. people love to equate this category with best picture but it rarely correlates. it's kind of a bullshit category - especially when you have birdcage winning one year. then you have amazing casts like glengarry glenn ross winning... now that's a cast!

i'm getting excited.... at last!

of course, the next big question is this: will any actor dare cross the picket lines to attend an awards show this season.....?

i love unions... i'm pro-union. and i think the writers have every cause to strike.

but suddenly they're fucking with my awards season and that shit will piss me off. but we still have some time. until then....

unite, brothers! unite!


Monday, December 17, 2007

Notes From All Over: Football Edition

it's become a very distressing topic to many of my gay friends. but buddha help me: i fucking love football.

this past thursday i attended the houston texans game as they hosted the denver broncos. it was a perfect night for football.

the temperature was in the 50's. the retractable roof was open. i'm a big fan of the open air ball games....

my friend vicky and i had seats in the endzone... 12 rows up from the field. i was lined up behind the left hashmarks... directly behind the QB. (good thing david carr wasn't lined up in front of me... i may have fainted. although - jay cutler: not a bad ass.)

we were surrounded by the insane, drunken fans that you always see on t.v. we had some beers. cheered on the cheerleaders. screamed until our throats went hoarse.

not to sound too gay when talking about football was a fabulous night.

the texans stomped the broncos 13-31 to return...once .500 for the year. and makes ending the season...if not with a winning record...but possibly an even one.

sage rosenfels looked great... my boy owen daniels made some plays. but the story of the night was mario williams. 3.5 sacks in one game... a record for the texans.

peter king named williams his defensive player of the week and made the following statement in his "monday morning QB" column:

his 3.5-sack effort against denver helped the texans get back to .500 with a 31-14 [NOTE: i keep seeing this incorrect score, but i digress...] win over the broncos on thursday night. if you watch williams now, you see a rusher playing with the confidence of a michael strahan. with 13 sacks in 14 games, williams ranks second in the NFL in that category, behind only patrick kerney.
it's a young team.... and king even put the texans in his "fine fifteen" this week - tied with the eagles. with the simple tag: 2008 playoffs. here they come.

from your column to whoever's ears, peter.

the curse of jessica?
i don't care if it was jessica simpson's beautiful breasts distracting him or the jammed thumb... but romo sucked on sunday and the cowboys' loss was the highlight of my day.

the boys are now 12-2...identical record with the green bay packers. what i'm hoping now is that the pack can win the remainder of their schedule and the boys lose at least one more. that way - when green bay and dallas meet up in the championship - it will be played in green bay... end of january.

brrrrr.... chilly.

brett favre
favre now holds all the QB records. this weekend he broke marino's record of total career passing yards.

congratulations, brett. i'm so happy you're having the fucking phenomenal year and that you decided to come back and not retire after that awful 2006 season.

quick hits
(to steal from peter king, again)
1. the ravens have lost 8 in a row... what the fuck? and they almost beat new england?
2. the miami dolphins FINALLY won a game. so much for going 0-16. who did they beat? ummmm.... the baltimore ravens.
3. tampa bay returned their first punt return for a touchdown in the team's entire 32 year history. kinda groovy... kinda pathetic.
4. what is up belichick's ass? the man looks like somebody shot his puppy.
5. i used to feel uncomfortable looking at cheerleaders... i kinda liked it thursday night. i'm worried.
6. giants lost to washington.... could new york have any more of an uneven year?
7. the talk continues about williams being a better choice over bush and young. however, young looked pretty good on sunday.
8. i'm happy i was at the game on thursday.... the nfl network is a great idea... but bad for football and the fans.
9. i had three bud lights at the game in honor of my friend nolan's job with budweiser. on an empty stomach...i even got kinda drunk.

super bowl
smart money would have me predict a new england/dallas super bowl. at this point - i think the pats will go. but i can still hope for indy.

i'm not quite ready to pick dallas, however. i would love to see green bay go.... and if the championship game between dallas and green bay is in the tundra - i'd say green bay.

for now...i'm predicting a green bay/new england super bowl.

i need to sleep with a man
when i was at the game on thursday.... i found myself fully pleased after an impressive series and another houston score. my arms were crossed over my chest and i was absently nodding my approval/happiness.

i looked around to see if others shared my fulfillment. my eyes were met by another man. his arms were crossed over his chest. he was nodding.

i looked around some more.....

all over... men had their arms crossed. nodding their approval/happiness. then i was hit with a thought:

"fuck me i need to have sex with a man.... i'm turning straight!"

i'm frightened, auntie em....

i'm frightened.


Monday, December 10, 2007


so i'm watching football night in america last night on nbc and an interesting thing happened in the player's room.

chris collinsworth asked the question: looking back, did the houston texans make the right call drafting mario williams first in the draft over reggie bush and vince young?

tiki barber and jerome bettis both said: "yes."

take that, haters!

peter king in his monday morning quarterback column for wrote the following:

isn't it funny how, looking back at the 2006 draft, we all laughed at houston for even suggesting mario williams was better than vince young? who's laughing now?
let's look at the numbers:

williams has 32 tackles on the season (with an additional 14 assists). he's had 9.5 sacks and has forced 2 fumbles (he returned one for a TD). he's even deflected one punt.

bush is averaging an embarrassing 3.7 yards per rush. he's had only 4 touchdowns in 12 games but has managed to fumble the ball 7 times.

young has only thrown 7 touchdowns all season but has fumbled the ball 16 times and been sacked another 20.

young's QB rating is 66.9. compare that to peyton manning at 97 and tom brady at a whopping 123.5 rating. hell, even donovan mcnabb - the QB philly wants axed - has a QB rating of 87.9. is a bit of a sweet vindication that the doubts over taking williams first in the draft over other "high profile" players has turned out to be smart thinking after all.

now...if the texans could just win more games.

but hey - this sunday they beat every one's dark horse golden boys, tampa bay. i'm hoping they can win again this thursday against denver (a game i will be attending, just FYI). because i doubt we'll win our last two games at indy and against the jags.

trying to do the math...i'm still wondering if we can end the season at .500.

i'm hopeful.

meet the press quote of the week
did anyone see that god awful performance by rudy giuliani yesterday? beyond the fact that russert obliterated rudy... the man comes across like an idiot. "well, now i know." after watching yesterday, you have to wonder: does the man know anything?

but...the ego that did utter the words "i spent more time at ground zero than the workers" did bring us our press quote of the week:

"it's all about me."
you keep thinking that rudy....

the ego!


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Did He Really Just Say That...?

so....i'm at work the other day and i'm helping a client out.

"what's your name? i don't recognize you," he says. so i tell him my name and that i'm the manager.

"oh," he says. "i should take you out to lunch sometime." and then he lasciviously adds: "i could give you a mouthful."

ewwww.... did he really just say that shit to me?

what are guys thinking when they talk like that? i mean....does that really work?

when i used to wait tables... i couldn't believe the fucked-up shit men would say to me.

and let me preface this by admitting: i'm not some hot motherfucker. i'm not the type of guy that stops men in their tracks or generally makes an individual swoon.

yet here they speak!

"would you like olive oil on your pasta or the cream sauce?"

"oh cream," they would say. "lots and lots of cream."

i've had customers ask me to spank them if they're indecisive, thus "naughty." and when i'd offer dessert or ask if they left room for dessert. they'd look right at my crotch and say: "whaddaya got?"

and i'd smile as big as i could and say in a mock-perky voice: "keylime pie!"

now...i realize it's not just limited to men.... when i was in the heterosexual netherworld of the karaoke bar last month, a woman was overheard uttering the following:

they call me the headhunter....cuz my pussy's so tight it'll rip yo' dick right off.


so, i ask: does this shit really work? does anyone really get anywhere uttering such bile? ain't workin' with me.

i'm just saying....


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

So... No WWIII?

have you heard the news? as it turns out... iran is not developing nuclear weapons... not developing the technology.

not really....doing... anything.

talkin' a lot of smack, i guess. but then again... isn't that what bush and cheney have been doing for, oh, say seven years?

yes... the latest national intelligence estimate declares that iran stopped their nuclear weapons program back in 2003.

now...the fact that our intelligence agency has royally fucked up really shouldn't surprise anyone.

but when did bush know about these developments? how long has he been lying?

apparently, W was told about the reassessment of iran's weapons program back in august. but, ummm... he didn't really ask too many questions. you know... because when you're dealing with the country that could bring world war III down on the united states, details aren't too important to #43.

so...he knew something was up in august... but on october 17th he's still talking about nuclear weapons and WWIII.

but the NIE says iran couldn't possibly develop nuclear weapons before 2010 now...

but today.... bush went to the airwaves to reassure the public that iran was a threat, is a threat and continues to be a threat.

ummm... pardon me, mr. president, if i don't just take your word for it.


i don't want to hear any bullshit about hillary's iran vote and what does this say about her judgement. hill's vote was in response to the iranian revolutionary guard providing support and weapons to al qaeda in iraq. this is well documented... it had nothing to do with iran's nuclear program....

so don't try it.... fuckin' haters.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Times... They Are A'Changin'

in the same season when nobody teams can make it into the bcs top ten (and then go on to lose their only important games) - why shouldn't a nobody make it into the big leagues of politics?

mike huckabee leads in iowa. read that statement correctly. for a couple of months now i have quietly been telling my friends, "don't count out huckabee." in fact - that was to be a title for one of my blog entries back in the fall.

conventional wisdom, however, along with a great deal of caution - kept telling me the race would be between romney and rudy.

not so.... i say it again: don't count out huckabee.

so who is huckabee? appalachian state? does that make romney michigan? doubt he would like that... or is huckabee southern florida? making it into the top five only to fade out once he comes across a real competitor?

more likey....i see huckabee as hawaii. the real crowd doesn't want to welcome him...but he's proven himself and now he has his chance.... iowa is the sugar bowl, my friends... it's huck's chance to prove himself...

and before this metaphor gets away from me... let's go to the numbers.

new polls!

the iowa republicans
the latest des moines register poll - the poll i've been looooooong waiting for - is finally out. huckabee is the big surprise.

iowa hearts huckabee and he leads with 29% of the vote. that's an increase of 17% from october. flip-flop romney has fallen from 29% to 24% and giuliani remains in third with 13%.

what's most interesting about huck's surge is that he has only spent $300,000 in iowa. romney has spent over $7 million.

but when you watch the debates... huck always has the best one-liners. and he doesn't come across like a politician. he comes across like the "aw shucks" pastor he is...

careful boys... luckily - he has that bad tax past.

iowa democrats - or - a new leader emerges
the new des moines register poll of likely democratic caucus goers has barack obama in the lead. yes... even if you go to - obama has taken the lead in iowa when all polls are averaged (granted, only .2% ahead, but still).

barack is up to 28% from 22% in october. hillary remains a strong second with 25% (down from 29% in october) and stalled-out edwards remains, well, stalled at 23%.

the most frightening thing about this poll is some of the internal numbers. most notably - obama has taken a lead with iowa women. he now leads hill 31% to 26% with women. in october, hillary was up 34% to obama's 21%.

a big part of this must be her poor performance in philly. and several pundits i heard talking over the weekend - most notably gene robinson of the post - believes her poor performance has given people permission to start looking at other candidates. and let's face it... barack is a great candidate.

i just feel he's not as great as my girl....

but what i believe more - and something else i've said to friends - is what michelle norris of npr said on press this weekend...

which brings us to (yes!) our...

meet the press quote of the week
from the above mentioned ms. norris, on the subject of hillary's "inevitability."

it's a word a lot of people here (in iowa) do not like... the sense that hillary clinton was the inevitable candidate did not go down easy with a lot of voters that i spoke with. they don't want to be told that their votes don't count. they want to know...that they play an important role in this process.
it's like the oscars, people. whenever a movie seems a lock for the big prize... there's always a backlash.

and trust me... i know my oscars.

i knew all this talk about hillary being the inevitable candidate would start a backlash... and here it is... the media wouldn't shut the fuck up about it and now she's suffering in the polls.

even hillary's lead in new hampshire has dropped a bit. and she's dropped 7 points in south carolina.

am i worried?
no... not worried. concerned, yes. a little nervous, perhaps. but hillary will be fine.

the most important thing is she can't panic. can't seem desperate. which means she may want to be careful with the attacks in iowa. obama has already put up a website titled "hillary attacks."

so to come full circle...
it's like the bcs. nobody is safe this year... nobody is guaranteed a perfect season. except hawaii, apparently... which if my metaphor stands is huckabee.... which means he has a perfect season. but then again... he can always be beaten by georgia. but i guess that begs the question? who is georgia? romney? thompson?

and if hillary finishes second in iowa... good money says she can still go on to win in new hampshire and win big on tsunami tuesday. unless she suffers the other curse of the bcs this season.... and #2 fucks it all up and falls deep in the standings.

shit... i think i've scared myself with my football analogies.

i know i've definitely confused some of my gay friends....

hillary 08?